Essay about Anthropology of Farming

Essay about Anthropology of Farming

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Anthropology of Farming

This research plans to compare and contrast the similarities and differences in agricultural development between the Jericho Valley,in present day Palestine, and that of the Andes Mountains. There are several aspects to compare in these regions. First and perhaps most obvious is the environmental differences of these regions as well as the ecological changes in each region has itself undergone. Closely linked to these environments is the native biological species, how these native species have been domesticated, as well as looking at what crop species have been introduced to the regions, and their effect on the native species. After explaining the differences in climate of the two regions it is important to understand who was doing the farming in these areas. This will be looked at in terms of cultural evolution, groups' social approach to farming and how that affects land use and technical procedure.

The Jericho Valley lies in present day Palestine. Today the area is known for the daily violence between two competing groups trying to occupy the same environment,and in the past the Biblical story of The Walls of Jericho being toppled by Joshua's army. But there was no great falling of the walls, and despite the violence farming still goes on in the area today. The city of Jericho did have walls surrounding them but research has shown these walls were not for defense, but for use in controlling the flow of water (Bar-Yosef, 1986). The historic site of Jericho was positioned in the flood plane of a recessed lake bed. The soil appears to have been a good brown color with a desirable amount of gravel. Yearly floods brought new soil to the area, this allowed for year-round growing on self-replenishing so...

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