Anthropology Of Sports And Sport Essay

Anthropology Of Sports And Sport Essay

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Literature Review
2.1 Introduction
This chapter provides background information on the research topic. The first section provides a general overview of the anthropology of sports with sub-headings of anthropologists and their contributions to the study of sport and the body in the anthropology of sport. The second section provides a description of sport studies. The third section of the chapter sheds light on the meaning and application of sport. The fourth heading provides literature on relevant subjects to the anthropology of sports and sport studies. Finally, the fifth heading provides concluding thoughts for the chapter.

2.2 General Overview of the Anthropology of Sports
The anthropology of sport refers to
“the application of the methods and perspectives of anthropology to the study of sport. It is grounded in the basic tenets, distinctive methodologies and theoretical assumptions of anthropology. The anthropology of sports is also tied to the idea that sports are an institution and a component of culture” (Coakley and Dunning 2004:151).
The anthropology of sport involves the collection and analysis of data, which require a theoretical orientation as well as systematic methodology. The relationship between theory and method is that they are interdependent (methodology is always linked and operates around a theoretical idea) (Blanchard 1995). The anthropology of sport deals with problems of social, and cultural change (Coakley and Dunning 2004:150). Understanding sport as an institution and an element of culture is important to informed participation in modern democratic society (Blanchard 1995).
Like all the social sciences, researchers working in the anthropology of sports operate within paradigms, models,...

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...festyle, passion, culture, tradition, ritual, and beliefs, of the Balinese people. The cockfight was a display of social, political, and economic class and status. Honor meant much more to the Balinese than the money they gambled, making the stakes in the fights very high. The men of Bali were psychologically, emotionally, metaphorically, and physically attached to their prize fighting cocks. They invested their time and resources on their most priced assets-their cocks. Cocks were identified with and also a reflection of their owner (Geertz 1972).
Since Geertz’ study of deep play, anthropologists have become more interested in the study of sport. Notwithstanding, the number of researchers remains fairly small. Notable sport anthropologists include John MacAloon, Joseph Alter, Eduardo Archetti, Susan Brownell, Noel Dyck, and Alan Klein (Lithman 2004:19; Klein 2014).

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