The Choice Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

The Choice Of The Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

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The choice of the legalization of marijuana. The name marijuana is a Mexican-Spanish (marijuana, marijuana). My perspective is age, I grew up in the seventies and eighties, where marijuana was the norm. It was known to be illegal, but it was a blind eye from everyone. It was recreational, not done out in the open. At events such as concerts, marijuana bloomed in the stadium or venue’s where it was being held. The band members on stage smoked while playing, such as groups known to be Parliament participated. The venues had security also Houston Police, no one was arrested, the show went on, no other crime was committed, just the smoking of marijuana.
As we all get older things do change, but I have not witnessed anyone committing a
Crime because they smoked marijuana. At this time, I have no evidence of anyone
Overdosing from smoking marijuana. There is no study I have read that states marijuana cause cancer or any other defects. Many countries have laws for the use of Cannabis. It is also legal in some states in the US. It is worldwide, recreational and has medicinal use.
Some countries outlaw the use of marijuana, such as Southeast Asia, an individual may receive a life sentence (Legalize Marijuana , 2015). Where as in the US the three strike rule can also convict someone for life for the sale of marijuana. While the laws are made, probably for moral welfare, just imagine a person taking another one’s life and receive twenty years, may be parole in eight years for good behavior. It is an injustice, the crimes in itself shows the weight of killing is far more outweighing than someone selling marijuana.
Since the 1840’s marijuana had medical value. It was also sold in pharmacies. (Legalize Marijuana , 2015) It was not until...

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... of cannabis , 2016). It is hard for me to understand marijuana use is viewed or the criminal justice system judge marijuana as a top priority, or is it just easy to arrest a marijuana user to make a quota. According to a report since 1990 more people have been arrested for marijuana, the number is greater than the entire population of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, District of Columbia, Delaware and Vermont combined (Legality of cannabis , 2016).
Serious health problems are not caused by marijuana, but if we look at tobacco or alcohol, what does those product cause, heart problems, emphysema, strong addiction, liver damage (Legality of cannabis , 2016). I have never seen or read about a death or an overdose from marijuana it is impossible. Until someone can prove marijuana attributed to a health problem, or a death, I support marijuana use.

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