Comparison of Smoking Advertisements Essay

Comparison of Smoking Advertisements Essay

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Using two images compare positive and negative representations of smoking from different periods.
Images are a powerful force in advertising as they are the ones that promote different perceptions and attitudes towards products. They are also the ones that create stereotypes. They are very manipulative, for they will never focus on the negative things that are associated with their products, only the positive ones. Advertisements are ambitious which gives them power, and engage customers for their approval.
The images that I will be talking about are smoking. Image one is a commercial advert selling cigarettes. The other is an advocacy advert that is trying to persuade smokers to stop. Commercial advertising is advertising that is in a commercial interest rather than in support for political or a social use. Advocacy advertising is, however, used to promote a position this can be controversial political or social causes. The difference between each is that commercial advertising is related to money whereas advocacy advertising is giving advice.
The first image I have chosen to discuss is a smoking advert from the 1950’s. It features John Wayne smoking a Camel cigarette. It is a commercial advert, because it is trying to sell a product. Conversely, the advert that I will be comparing with is an advocacy advert, because it is trying to persuade you not to smoke. It is giving you advice about an activity which is considered controversial. It is an advert from ‘Alghanim Medical services 2000’. It uses a very formal font and adds formal authenticity.
The purpose of the 1950’s, John Wayne advert is to encourage people to smoke. This is shown by his emotions. He looks cool, relaxed but official, he is wearing smart clothes. Th...

... middle of paper ...

...t that it claims smoking is good for you. However because of its positive tone of words such as “I” “my” make the opinion created in the audiences, minds as something persuasive and to rely on. Whereas, Advert two is not bias, however, it is a fact that “smoking kills”. This strengthens the argument, and the use of impersonal tone and “Alghanim” seems factual and helps persuade the reader that smoking kills. The word “kills” represents the experience of death, entrapment.
I believe that the Government should tell people what to do; however, the person has the decision to quit. People have the right to smoke, however, have the right to know the risks they take to smoke them that’s why the government should come into place and support the band and try quitting smoking, as not quitting makes it even harder and commercials play a big role in influencing this.

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