Everyone Should Be An Organ Donor Essay

Everyone Should Be An Organ Donor Essay

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Everyone should be an organ donor. Organ donation saves lives. The life that is saved could be your own or a loved one. Millions of people are already registered as organ donors. Everyone else should join these “heroes” by signing up to be a donor. According to the National Foundation for Transplants, “there are more than 121,000 patients that are waiting for their lifesaving organ or tissue transplant. And every 11 minutes, another name is added to the list, but only 45% of Americans are registered as an organ donor” (National Foundation for Transplants). These are not just numbers. They are loved ones with lives that can be saved by a donation of an organ. They are mothers, fathers, bothers, and sisters. It may be someone you work with or attend church or school with.
On the average, 79 people receive a transplant everyday according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. They also report that in 2014 there were 29,532 people who received organ transplants (The Need is Real). This number includes transplants for both deceased and living donors. The sad thing is that nearly 20 people on the list die everyday while waiting (National Insitutes of Health). One donor can save up to eight lives, just imagine the number of lives saved if more people signed up as donors.
In 1968, the first law was passed regarding donations of organs. Since then many other laws, amendments, and acts have been passed to define organ donation. These laws are to protect the donor and to assure the donation process was fair and non prejudice in any way. In the 1980’s laws and acts were expanded to further expand the laws defining organ transplant. Most recently, there has been legislation to improve the access for those needing transplants.

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...will save many lives. Everyone needs to be a donor if we ever hope to close the gap between what organs are available and what is needed. If you are a donor keep promoting the cause by participating. Go to donatelife.net to find an event near you and donate your time to the cause. By making this decision now it will keep your family from additional grief. If you have had a loved one who has already become a “hero” by donating the gift of life make sure you keep their memory alive by sharing the story of the lives they saved. Just like my friend Amy, there are many more people waiting for life saving organs such as, liver, heart, lung and kidney. Donating your organs will allow a parent to see their child graduate or a father walk his daughter down the isle. Without donations the lives of many great people would be lost before they every reached their full potential.

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