Essay on The Human Mind By Edgar Allan Poe

Essay on The Human Mind By Edgar Allan Poe

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The human mind is one of the most complex structures the gods had created. It is difficult to understand each brain process as every human being possesses his or her own distinguished thought patterns with different levels of complexities. A person’s mind greatly influences his behavior, which eventually transforms into his habit by becoming embedded into his character. Today, the world of psychology tries to understand everything that a mind can create. However, even before the field of Psychology was introduced and brought into practice, some American writers threw a spotlight on the mechanism of the human brain in their works. On top of this list is American writer, Edgar Allan Poe who by all means seems to be keenly aware of the complexities of the human brain and its effects on human behavior. As a result Poe waste no time in applying his knowledge of the psychoanalysis of the human mind to his short stories. However, Poe does not aggressively exploit his use of psychoanalysis to his characters but rather gives a sense of attention to detail to his eccentric gentleman.
Despite the revolving wheel of time, generations have changed and the evolution of ordinary detective fiction have evolved in the American genre giving birth to a new form of detective fiction. Hard-boiled detective fiction entering the scene during the prohibition era. A period of nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages which remained in place from 1920 to 1933. This time in American history had provided a path for new writers who embrace the changing tides of the American culture while at the same time holding onto the legacy of the authors who bled ink a century before them. Introducing to ...

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... and Nelson needs cooperation from both their department and the public if they are to solve the case. And they also rely on their knowledge of everyday crime fighting techniques they acquire on a daily basis which they are faced with on the mean streets. As Foster Hirsch acknowledged “Woolrich 's writing lacks Chandler 's metaphoric frills and his characters are not as complex as Cain 's, but he is a superb craftsman. The Woolrich style is colloquial and easy; it imitates the tone of his primarily working class characters”. However despite that fact woolrich contribution to detctive fiction does not fall short creativity. It is obvious that Woolrich isn’t in the league Raymond Chandler. Revered by mystery fans, students of film noir, and lovers of "hard-boiled" crime fiction and detective novels, Cornell Woolrich remains almost unknown to the general reading public.

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