Introduction to Medical Anthropology Essay

Introduction to Medical Anthropology Essay

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Dr. Amanda Swain practices primary care at Student Health Services at the University of Pennsylvania. Swain’s exposure to the medical world began at a young age; she spent extended periods of her childhood in the hospital throughout her father’s illness. She went to Brandeis University with the intention of studying anthropology and archeology. However, after reflecting on her previous experiences in the hospital with her father and briefly shadowing a doctor, Swain ultimately decided to pursue medicine. She started the pre-medical track as a sophomore and was admitted to an early acceptance medical school program later in her college career. In the beginning of her medical training, Swain chose to pursue family medicine. This was the medical model she was most familiar with; she grew up in a small town on Long Island where the entire community went to the same doctor. Swain saw this doctor, whom she referred to by first name, from birth to early adulthood for all of her medical needs. Her positive experience with this doctor plus her familiarity with the field of family medicine ultimately influenced her choice of specialization. Swain graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2002 and completed her residency in family practice at Thomas Jefferson University. Following her training, Swain accepted an offer to work as a primary care practitioner at the University of Pennsylvania’s Student Health Services. Swain’s background in family medicine makes her an ideal fit for her role as a healer; she is personable, knowledgeable, and able to handle the myriad of issues her patients present. Dr. Amanda Swain exemplifies the qualities of a biomedical healer.
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