Nobel Nomination of David Graeber Essay example

Nobel Nomination of David Graeber Essay example

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Graeber has been one of the most prominent anthropologists within the last 5 years. His impact as an Anthropologist has, in many aspects, rejuvenated some part of the field at large and given direction to anthropologist of the twenty first century.
Currently, many anthropologists consider the field at several crossroads. First, on defining what and how anthropology will move into the twenty first century, be it a social study lacking the fundamental scientific method or if it will embrace the scientific method and lose its social aspects. Secondly, as anthropologist begins to see the spread of unbridled western culture, some anthropologists believe we study a dying subject or a subject that may march towards completion. What the field of anthropology is without is social study aspects? One might deconstruct it Biology with some psychological aspects.
In this moment of doubt, Anthropologist have see a great individual arise, who has demonstrated the fields uses and its power within the today’s society. David Gaerber is an anthropologist from Yale University. He has made his impact as a member of the labor union Industrial Workers of the World and as a social and political activist. His work as an anthropologist resulted in sparking the fire that has become the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which has refocused national attention to one greatest economic injustice in the American financial and political system.
As an anthropologist David Graeber's research focused on relations between nobles and former slaves in a rural community in Madagascar. As a theorist, he has also worked extensively on value theory, and has done work on a research project on social movements dedicated purely to principles of direct democracy and direct ac...

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...aduation and understanding the complex system of debt, leading and financial difference that Graeber has brought into the limelight will allow me to better understand the system how globalization is affecting whatever people I am working with.
Graeber has been the unsung champion for too long. As anthropologist, it is our responsibility to maintain our field and the justice in equality anthropology can and should represent. Graeber is a model example of this and deserves our recognition, as a new and bright mind within our field that represents a new way forward by fighting for equality. That is why Graeber deserves the Nobel Prize in Anthropology.

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