America Doesn't Need Gun Control at Gun Shows Essay

America Doesn't Need Gun Control at Gun Shows Essay

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America Doesn't Need Gun Control at Gun Shows

Gun control has been a highly debated issue for several years. In the past this debate has led to the passage of gun control legislation, the most prominent bill being the Brady Bill. However, the national legislation concerning gun control only applies to licensed gun dealers. This has left a huge gun control loophole at the national level, because unlicensed dealers and private collectors are not required to conduct background checks on potential customers before selling them a weapon. Recently, this loophole has become the center of the gun control debate. Those who support gun control at gun shows (generally liberals) are saying that it is necessary to restrict the sale of firearms at gun shows because convicted felons and known terrorists are currently able to obtain weapons from gun shows. The other side of the debate (generally conservatives) contends that the enforcement of gun control at gun shows is a wasted effort and will only cause mounds of unnecessary paperwork.

The National Rifle Association published “Anti-gun groups…” by Jim Pate on their website. This article quite obviously presents a strongly conservative view as would be expected from the NRA on issue of tougher gun control laws. Since it is published on the National Rifle Association’s website, Pate is able to use an aggressive approach to the issue, which is effective because his audience agrees with his views against stricter gun control. Pate also incorporates strong pathos into this article through his word choice, which he uses to arouse negative emotions in the reader toward advocates of gun control. He weaves a great deal of logos into his writing as well by citing many facts and m...

... middle of paper ... citizens serves more than a corrupt political agenda. By extension, it lends support to those who hate America’s freedom and seek to destroy our way of life” (par.23). Although this metaphor is really nothing more than an example of name calling, Pate uses it to associate the emotions Americans have toward terrorists with the gun control campaign which will win more support for Pate and his views against gun control at gun shows.

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Pate, Jim. “Anti-gun groups, led by Americans for Gun Safety, have teamed up behind U.S. Sen. John McCain to exploit terrorism in order to advance their gun control agenda. Their first target of opportunity is the traditional American gun show.” The National Rifle Association. 15 Feb 2002. (21 March 2002)

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