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As his family’s month-long vacation to Italy approached, seven year-old Nicholas Green became increasingly excited about the trip. The rosy-cheeked second grader devoured books on Roman history. He announced that Julius Caesar was his new hero. Nicholas showed great interest in the Greek and Roman myths that his mother, Maggie, read to him, particularly the one about Persephone. She was the young goddess kidnapped by the King of the Underworld but, because of her mothers grief allowed to return to earth for a few months each year. “The idea of a sad little person below the ground and the joy of coming back again, he seemed to get the idea of rebirth in an adult way'; recalled his father Reginal Green. For the Green family the tale would soon seem bitterly poignant.
On September 29, 1994, as the Greens from Bodega Bay, California drove at night along a desolate highway in southern Italy with Nicholas and his little sister, Eleanor; a small light colored car overtook them. Two men inside, their faces hidden by kerchiefs shouted in Italian and gestured for Reginal Green to pull over. When Green fearing for his family, didn’t, the men open fire. Little Nicholas, who was sleeping on the back seat, was struck in the head with a bullet. He died in the hospital two days later.
As a nation, all of Italy was horrified by the crime then deeply moved by the Greens unexpected response. Rather than reacting with justifiable bitterness, Reginal and Maggie Green donated their son’s organs to seven Italians. If this were your child what would you do?
Organ and tissue transplantation is one of this century’s medical triumphs. It has become a routine practice that can dramatically improve and save the lives of those suffering from vital organ failure, or those suffering from bone defects, burns and blindness. Since the first successful transplant of a human heart over 40 years ago, the demand for organs has greatly exceeded the supply. About 40,000 Americans are awaiting organ donations, but fewer than half will get them. One of the weak links in the U.S organ transplant system is the large and growing gap between the number of people seeking transplant surgery and the number of available organs. An estimated nine Americans a day die while waiting for a transplant. But you could help.
Anyone can be an organ donor. Just b...

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...7;t believe we could have thought of it later without a sense of shame.'; “ The future of a radiant little creature had been taken away. It was important to us that someone else should have that future.'; Reginal Green goes on to say “ I don’t believe Maggie and I will ever really be happy again, even our best moments are tinged with sadness.'; “But the joy in seeing so much life that otherwise have been lost, and the relieve on the families faces, is so uplifting that it has given us some compensation for what otherwise would have been just a random act of violence.';
The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of life itself. I’m sure most have heard this saying before that is exactly what you do when you become an organ and tissue donor. Yet the simple truth is that there is not enough people who are making this life giving choice. Every year more and more children and adults are forced to wait and hope for a chance to live a normal healthy life. But you can help, when you make the decision to become an organ donor you are providing mothers, fathers, sons and daughters with a second chance for a normal healthy life.

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