Primates Are A Big Topic On Anthropology Essay

Primates Are A Big Topic On Anthropology Essay

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Primates are a big topic in anthropology that is crucial for us to learn and study about. Anthropologists study primates from an evolutionary viewpoint as well as an ecological viewpoint, focusing mainly on their behaviors, their natural environment, and their psychological traits. Behavior is known to be evolved from the operation of natural selection. Behavioral genetics is how genes can affect our behavior, which can viewed as a product of complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors. Social structure influences individual behavior, which can blur the distinctions between social and individual behavior.
There are many factors that influence social structure, including body size, basal metabolic rate, diet, distribution of resources, predation, dispersal, life histories, strategies, distribution and types of sleeping sites, activity pattern, and human activities. Body size is important because primates with larger bodies, require less calories in their diet because they have less surface area relative to body mass. BMR is important for primates because it is the rate we use energy to maintain bodily functions when our body is at a resting state. Diet is important because primatologists study the behavior from diet in terms of energy that is derived from foods consumed. Distribution of resources is important because certain species rely on food that are distributed into small clumps that are easy to defend from anyone else trying to take it. Primates also rely on eating a great variety of different foods. Predation is important because primates are super vulnerable to many types of predators, so their size, social structure, and the predator all play a role in the response of predation. Dispersal is important...

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...ost of their life pregnant or caring for their offspring.
What characteristics make humans and apes so similar? We share many of the same traits and characteristics as apes. Some of the most common and most similar traits we share are having opposable thumbs, hands and feet that can grasp objects, having thirty two teeth that are permanent, having a flattened face with two eyes that point in the same directions, and having a single pair of mammary glands. Humans and apes also share the characteristic of body hair, walking upright, some of the same facial structure features, social groups, communication, and being super mobile. Caring for our offspring is another important trait we share with apes. We watch over our children very closely to make sure they are safe or not misbehaving. Some species have their offspring then have nothing to do with it after it it born.

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