The Three Types of Annoying People

The Three Types of Annoying People

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The Annoying Public
Different types of people are all around, some can be found as irksome to others. Three types of annoying people exist in the world. The three types of annoying people are people who are new employees at stores, people who walk vicious dogs, and people who do ignore public signs. New people who come to work are very irritating.
The first reason that new employees who work at stores are annoying is because they are not aware of their surrounding of the store. For instance, the employees do not know around the stores so they cannot help us. The employee also cannot point out where things are and it takes much longer. Also, if the employees do not know the building, then they still want to help the customer by taking them around the whole store to get them something. Lastly, in the store, there would be only one new employee for that department, and if the shopper asked them something, they would respond, “Sorry, I Cannot help, I am new” to the buyer. Now the customer has no one to ask, and this is bad service. Clearly, having new store employees at a store is very frustrating. Not only are having new store workers frustrating, but also having people walk violent dogs in public.
Next, walkers with vicious dogs in public are irritating. For example, the dog could be dangerous and harm someone if it is in a bad mood. Another example is that if you ask the owner to move further, the owner refuses. The people would want the dog further from them because they are dangerous and the people’s children might go near the dog and it will bite. Lastly, most owners of the vicious dogs do not control their dogs well, and this might frighten the people and their children. Some owners do not care that much, and that is probably why they walk vicious dogs, to scare off people. Public signs are there to be obeyed and followed by for a better community, but some people do not follow them.
Finally, people who ignore public sign such as no skateboarding and no smoking are very troublesome. First, it is disturbing for the community if the person does not abide by the rules because the sign is there for a reason and it is not pleasurable for the people there.

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If it was a hospital, and the person does not follow the rules and smokes, then it is disturbing to the patients. Also, violating the signs could pollute or crowd the area. It is important for that area not to be polluted by the smoke, so no one should smoke but they still do. If the sign says no socialization and people all meet at that place for no reason that could crowd the place. Most importantly, it could be dangerous, because the signs are put there for a reason. If it is a playground for children and people skateboard there then the children could get hurt. These types of people are very bothersome.
Therefore, three types of annoying people exist in this planet. First, the new employees who work in stores because they do not know the map of the building, they take customers a long time to get something, and they also are the only one there and they can not help us. Second, owners who walk vicious dogs in public because that is dangerous, and owners who do not control their dogs can scare people and do not move further away. Lastly, people who do not respect the public sign because it is disturbing to people and unpleasant, and it could be dangerous and pollute and pack the area. Thus, annoying types of people lie all around us, and could be annoying to different people.

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