A Comparison of Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing

A Comparison of Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing

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Compare/Contrast Essays - Comparison of Beatrice and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing

In the play of `Much Ado About Nothing', Beatrice is portrayed as a witty and strong willed woman who talks a great deal, appearing determined not to marry. However, Don Pedro concocts a plot that brings her together with Benedick and they marry at the end.

She was an orphan, the niece of Leonato. Her most obvious objective is to stay a lonely spinster. She has known Benedick for years and because he wants to be a bachelor their hate for the opposite sex clashes- until they fall in love that is. She never realized that she could love anyone other than her self until she found someone that was the exact copy of her. Once she fell in love she couldn't be helped.

The author portrays Beatrice as being very dominant and strong woman. I believe she protects her cousin and her family from the accusation that has been projected towards Hero as this has insulted not only Hero but also her family. When she is in the tabernacle with Benedict and confessing her love for him....she shows her demanding nature by essentially forcing Benedict to choose between the brotherly love of men and the loyalty of a man to his wife. Beatrice knows that she must destroy Benedict's former male bonding. Her order is therefore a command for Benedict to support her against Claudio, and represents the only way for them to have a mature relationship. Although being quite intelligent, Beatrice does manage to appear gullible when she overhears Hero and another woman discussing Benedict and Beatrice's relationship. So this can be seen that Beatrice does have a softer side as well.

Beatrice is the ever-witty Lady Disdain, outspoken and opinionated niece of Leonato. She and Benedick are involved in a "merry sort of war". Always ragging on each other in a sort of easy going way, but never the less hurting each other's feelings. Both are cynical about Love. Beatrice is described by her uncle to mock all of her wooers out of suite.

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Her and Benedick are tricked into falling in love by a few well-placed lies, causing them to realize how much they really cared for each other.

Hero is a modest, docile, bland, well-behaved blushing young daughter of Leonato. She and Claudio seem to be the more boring couple in the story and they never really seem to be in Love. When Hero is accused at the altar of being unfaithful she is so timid she does not even press her truth and faints to the ground.
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