Personal Narrative- Wearing Christian T-Shirts

Personal Narrative- Wearing Christian T-Shirts

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Personal Narrative- Wearing Christian T-Shirts

A life defining moment of mine was when I started wearing Christian t-shirts instead of everyday t-shirts. The old t-shirts just seem so bland to me now, and I did not really care for them as much as the others. I also preferred the messages that were on the Christian t-shirts. Most of the time the messages would make fun of something, like laundry detergent Tide, or commonly use phrases, such as armed and dangerous.

After a short period of time, I started to shop only at Sunshine for my t-shirts. It was one of the only Christian Book stores that had a decent selection of t-shirts in Brazoria County that was closes enough to go to. The best part is that Sunshine’s selection would be different every time. They also had ordering book at Sunshine, so if there was a shirt that they did not have it was probably in a catalog somewhere. Wearing the Christian t-shirts help me keep my focus on how I should act as a Christian. The t-shirts also help me strive to be a better Christian than what I am. Wearing Christian t-shirts have done sever thing in my relationship with God.

There are several occasions were the t-shirts have affected the way I act. Many times while I was at high school some people would always pick on. Having the t-shirts on helped remind me that I was a Christian and that I should not act that way that the other people were. I also believe have the Christian t-shirts leaded to some persecution event though it was never said that way. However, I am here now so it could not have be that bad.

I also strive to become a better Christian because of my t-shirts. One reason for this is if you need help who are you going to ask a friend you know is a Christian or a friend who is a Christian who wear a Christian T-shirt everyday.

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Another reason is for when a unbeliever asks me a question about one of my t-shirts I can be better prepared to answer. I also believe that wearing a Christian T-shirt everyday makes people hold you to a higher standard than regular Christian. There are also more reasons that wearing Christian t-shirts help me strive to be a better Christian.
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