We came from Where? The Basis of Creationism Essay

We came from Where? The Basis of Creationism Essay

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Since the dawn of curiosity and exploration we have attributed all our advances to a supernatural entity christened “God.” As science moves forward, evidence suggest less the necessity for such a being; however, the religious still fight to keep The Bible within science. Obtruding their beliefs of a creation story as “True science” has confused many and halted science exploration, due to a false image of what science is. It is very apparent that some see creationism as a viable model of science but it does not meet the standard scientific requirements.
The basis of creationism is founded on anemic grounds, with a lack of data to support the claim that the earth is only 6,000 years old. The assertion of a young Earth arises from an Archbishop who tracked the genealogy of biblical characters back to Adam and Eve. According to the genealogy in the bible the Earth came to be in 4004 BC(Ussher, Annals). Unfortunately, The Bible or the authority of a religious figure is not evidence to support a scientific theory. The belief in a young Earth created by a religious deity is based upon faith that The Bible is true but for creation to be a viable model of science it must follow the same line of rigorous skepticism and experimenting permitted by the Scientific Method(Dunbar, Scientific Method).
Creationists want the same respect in the scientific community as any other reputable science but that is hard when their “science” contradicts the evidence. In Fulufjället, Sweden, there lives to this day a spruce tree that is 9,550 years old(Owen, National Geographic). This tree is over 3500 years older than creation science claims the earth is. Surmount evidence proves the age of this tree but creationism lacks any evidence to support a you...

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