What is the Anthropology of Europe Essay

What is the Anthropology of Europe Essay

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This paper provides the means to understand the Anthropology of Europe. A historical examination is made to explain the different views as well as investigations on man from the time of our ancestors to the present times. Although theorists have their respective claims, explanations and interpretation on their theoretical areas of interest yet adherence to their theories is common and their transmission of truth does not impair their sense of ethical responsibility.

Who, what and where is the anthropology of Europe
Europe has many hidden streaks throughout the globe. This part of the continent has played lots of roles in terms of anthropology or humanities. The anthropologists have distinguished and identified that the prehistoric or before history, peoples of Atlantic Europe have presented some community on character and traits, as shown and revealed by artifacts and architectural. To further give information, a number of genetic studies seem to have a relationship with specific groups of inhabitants in parts of Atlantic Europe in contrast with Central or Mediterranean Europe (cited in Wrangham and Peterson 2006). A number of authors and writers themselves have postulated that there is still a cultural contingency in Atlantic Europe, forming a cultural civilizing unit which has its roots or ancestry in ancient times but remained until today with special thanks to the sea trade. Geographers also talk about the influence of the natural environmental surroundings in the construction of a similar cultural landscape along the western European coasts (cited in Wolf, 2007). These interests in the anthropology of Europe were shifted in global political alignment...

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... Berg.
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